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Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Training 19 May 2015

by Teena Hughes
This week I have a couple of things which might help you in your projects: I'd like to share two websites with you where you can find images, audio/sound files, fonts and much more -- in exchange for your email name.  Read more >> Have you been asking for client testimonials? I hope so -- they are sooo important! Find out my 21 Tips for Video SEO on a Client Testimonial. Read more >>   I'd love to hear from you -- got any questions or want to share any tips, or breakthroughs? Feel free to write at any time [...]

Freebie images and sounds for creative folks

by Teena Hughes
Always looking for freebie images and sounds? I signed up for a free account some time back (a couple of years ago I think) and I often grab some great freebie images from 123RF. Recently they sent a link with some cool audio downloads (6 of them, I just grabbed them all) which I thought you might get some use out of. Go to: create a free account if you don't already have one scroll to the BOTTOM of the page to see this section (download whichever ones you like): For the freebie images, pop over to this page: [...]

21 Tips for Video SEO on a Client Testimonial

by Teena Hughes
in Blog, SEO
Client Testimonials are one of the best things to boost your business online -- but many businesses don't know (a) how to ask for one or (b) what to do with one. When I was approached a few days ago to give some tips on the best way to use Client video testimonials, I came up with the following step ... 21 Tips for Video SEO on a Client Testimonial to boost your Business PREPARING THE VIDEO ask client for video testimonial, 1-2 mins max in length get client to sign a Disclaimer or send one via email to ensure [...]

How to create a flyer for lead-building

by Teena Hughes
Use this tutorial to learn how to create a flyer for lead-building Getting leads for for your business, product or service are the most important thing you can do as a business owner. Follow my template below to make sure you include as many ways to get folks to sign up for your mailing list as possible. Once you have folkks on your list, you can contact them over and over to let them know about new products and services, and to provide tips etc to keep them interested.