Canva Cheat Sheet – How To Copy A Project – 014

by Teena Hughes

canva-cheat-sheet-how-to-copy-a-project-x5 If you’ve been using Canva, you might have been wondering how to duplicate or copy a Project, or how to use some of the elements on other Projects. I tested a few different things, and came up with a short Cheat Sheet of what works for me. Yes, it does take a bit of practice to get it right, but when you do, there’ll be no stopping you 🙂

In the PDF, I explain how to quickly and easily duplicate a Project you’re already working on, or had already completed. This saves a ton of time if you want to keep a consistent style.

A good example of this is my cheat sheets and checklists — in the image above you ca see the layout design for this particular PDF – the “Canva Cheat Sheet”:

  • this page was created in by duplicating a previous document with the same stye
  • this saved me a ton of time and effort
  • it meant that I can create new checklists and cheat sheets very quickly, and maintain the style without much effort.

Sometimes on a Canva project I have some text or images I can use again:

  • I can of course grab the image from the uploads easily enough
  • I can also quickly create some new text
  • but to make it really efficient, I can select images and text and use them in other Canva projects whenever I want to.

Does this sound like something you’d like to do?

Cheerio for now,

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