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Remember the island I moved to 10 days ago?

by Teena Hughes
I'm loving it! Still waiting for Broadband to be connected (next week) and mobile phone has practically NO reception, but my surroundings are beautiful, the community is friendly, and I love taking ferries! (Remind me of that in winter when I'm drenched to the bone after a rough ferry crossing :-) So how am I accessing the internet, you ask? Well here's what I do ... On my iPhone, I: go to the Home screen tap SETTINGS select the fifth option -- PERSONAL HOTSPOT click the slider so it turns GREEN for ON go to my laptop select WIFI icon [...]

The Power of Sending a Card – Checklist 004

by Teena Hughes
The Power of Sending a Card can have far-reaching effects on your business relationships When I first start in business, I sent cards with hand-written notes inside to thank people for their time after a meeting, and for many other reasons. Over the years when reconnecting with someone I haven't had much contact with recently, I've had folks tell me they STILL have my hand-painted card on their desk, or taped to their filing cabinet -- when I asked why they kept it, most people say, "It was such a lovely thought, I couldn't bear to part with it." Now [...]

Is it really April 2015?

by Teena Hughes
https://vimeo.com/124184888 I no sooner dusted off the Yuletide decorations, put the Christmas tree fairy and friends in tissue paper for next year, and there are hot cross buns in the bakeries heralding the imminent arrival of EASTER -- really???? What about you -- are the days zooming by just as quickly in your neck o'the woods? How did your plans shape up for the first quarter of the year? Quick heads up -- I'm moving to an island! That's right, in two weeks I'll be relocating to Coochiemudlo Island, 1.5 hours north of where I currently live on the Gold [...]