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Happy Halloween 2016

by Teena Hughes
It's Happy Halloween! All Hallow's Eve! 31st October! Here in Australia, more and more people are celebrating this date, even though it was never a part of my childhood. Amazing what watching so many US and Canadian TV shows can do for a country :-) In light of this, I've created a video -- I used a video background, an audio file, added them both to Screenflow for Mac (for video editing), and added some text to come flying in at different times. Here it is below: I think it worked out ok, what do you think? What do [...]

How to create a video fast with a couple of images

by Teena Hughes
"Teena, how to create a video fast with a couple of images?" This is a question I'm asked quite often, and this week it was an email from Julianna on the other side of the world.  There are many software solutions available which you can buy, some on your computer already, but as Julianna is not very tech-savvy, I wanted to share the absolute simplest method with her. So today I'm going to show you an extremely simple online option: requires no login requires no email just upload images and save to desktop. First of all: gather the images you're [...]

9 Quick Tips for Creating Outstanding Videos

by Teena Hughes
Use these 9 Quick Tips for Creating Outstanding Videos for Your Business Videos are the best way to boost your business, and here are 9 quick tips to help you get started on the right track. -- Video Transcription -- Hi there. This is a video by me, Teena Hughes. Nine quick tips for creating outstanding videos for your small business. Tip number one is, tell a story. Talk about your experiences. Viewers will easily identify with that, and then share how you did it. Tip number two: Don't try to sell, pushy selling is a turn off, focus [...]

Answers to Scary Internet Questions

by Teena Hughes
Scary Internet Questions by Symantec are timeless and very cleverly created. Animations done well are so rare, so after I watched couple of these I was wishing I knew how to do those animations myself :-) I saw this series of videos for the first time today, and I love the messages they were sharing AND the very clever animations -- fabulous!   Number 5: Misleading applications Number 8: Losing your data    
The importance of visual storytelling with videos

The Importance of Visual Storytelling with Videos

by Teena Hughes
Everywhere absorbs information and learns in different ways. Some folks learn by watching (videos, movies), listening (podcasts, teleseminars), others by reading (websites, PDFs, Kindle books etc), some by doing and, yet others learn visually (slideshows, animations etc). Many people learn by using a combination of these different learning styles -- which way/s do you prefer to absorb information? Whatever WE prefer, as information "providers" we all need to think a little harder about how we tell our stories to our followers and potential clients and customers, it can make a lot of difference. This is a great little video to [...]