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How can I get more Youtube views and subscribers?

by Teena Hughes
Do you want to get more Youtube views and subscribers?   I recently replied to a question online from David: "I've been making videos for over a year for my real estate business, I upload them directly to Facebook and Youtube, and pump them out to my sphere of influence and the city the videos are for. I've been getting more FB page likes which is great, but when you go to my YouTube channel they don't get much action. Any advice on more YouTube views?" My 7 tips for this great question: Hey David, bravo on making videos -- [...]

Youtube Channel Business Checklist 003

by Teena Hughes
  Need a Youtube Channel Business Checklist? When most business owners create a website, they understand that it's important to have several social media accounts so that they can be found in lots of places on the internet. One of those places is, which is a very influential place to be found, and if each business owner understood how easy it is to build their credibility and be found online faster than other techniques, they start using Youtube immediately -- or at least that's what I pray they understand :-) As with everything online related to business, it's important [...]
Youtube Description Tip for renaming a video

9 Tips for the Best Youtube Description

by Teena Hughes
If you're uploading videos to Youtube to market your business (and you should be), it's important to make sure you get the most bang for your buck by creating the best Youtube Description for EACH and every video you upload. Watch the video to find out more about each of the 9 tips for the best Youtube description: I love the power of Youtube video Description, and I've created a simple infographic to show you 9 of the steps I take (and yes, there are more).   I hope this makes sense, let me know what you think. Do [...]

3 Youtube Channel SEO Tips [Video]

by Teena Hughes
If you're at the stage where you understand how important video marketing is, and you know you should have a Youtube Channel, these tips might help - enjoy! ---- Video Transcript ----- Hi this is Teena Hughes! Do you want more customers today? Did you know you could use videos to grow your business? You do have a Youtube Channel, right, with all your videos on there? I certainly hope so! Then it's time to do your Youtube Channel SEO! There are 3 SEO tips: use HTTP:// to make a CLICKABLE LINK in the Description send the links in [...]