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How can I get more Youtube views and subscribers?

by Teena Hughes
Do you want to get more Youtube views and subscribers?   I recently replied to a question online from David: "I've been making videos for over a year for my real estate business, I upload them directly to Facebook and Youtube, and pump them out to my sphere of influence and the city the videos are for. I've been getting more FB page likes which is great, but when you go to my YouTube channel they don't get much action. Any advice on more YouTube views?" My 7 tips for this great question: Hey David, bravo on making videos -- [...]

Quickest and Easiest MP3 Player for WordPress

by Teena Hughes
The Quickest and Easiest MP3 Player for Wordpress is a MYTH!     Or so it seemed -- I just spent about 4 hours trying to find the simplest audio player for a client's Wordpress website. I read all the blog posts with titles like "The Top 10 (or 5 or 7 etc) Audio Players!". I installed five different players and tried the pre-installed audio solution (which used 100% of the screen width -- and I can't help but wonder WHY???). I tested each of them, tried the shortcodes, added the options, tested them out ... and sat here with [...]

Video Tip 001 Create an Intro with Screenflow for Mac

by Teena Hughes   Video Tip 001 In today's video I'll give you an overview on creating an Intro using Screenflow for Mac. There are many ways to make Intros, lots of different software can be used, even Powerpoint for Windows, Keynote for Mac, and Google Docs Presentations. Once the intro has been designed, it needs to be exported as a video and added into the video editing process. Are you wondering what an "intro" is? That's OK, you're not alone. An INTRO is a tiny little introduction which is added to the start of a longer video, and generally introduces the [...]

Using videos for business

by Teena Hughes
Using videos for business could be the best thing you do this year So -- just HOW can you start using videos for business? Click the video below to start it playing :-) Using-videos-for-business from Teena Hughes on Vimeo. Transcript >> HOW TO USE VIDEOS FOR YOUR BUSINESS This is Teena Hughes from I get asked a lot of questions and this one is good one. I thought you might like to hear my thoughts on just how you can be using videos for business help. So there are a quite a few different ways that videos are great [...]

Help – my client is hard to pin down about video content

by Teena Hughes
Today's question about content and video marketing is a good one! Click the video to play: Or read the Transcript: Matt wrote: I totally understand this situation because I've seen it myself -- and I do have suggestions on how to handle it. There are two parts to this, in my humble opinion: the client can't come up with or think of any content the client really doesn't have time to do this, and is probably already feeling overwhelmed by his business and the need to increase his revenue, so is feeling pressured. Perhaps I can best explain [...]

What is social video marketing?

by Teena Hughes

Today’s video is an introduction to Social Video Marketing – I hope you enjoy it. Click the PLAY button (the triangle under the video) to get started:

Youtube Channel Business Checklist 003

by Teena Hughes
  Need a Youtube Channel Business Checklist? When most business owners create a website, they understand that it's important to have several social media accounts so that they can be found in lots of places on the internet. One of those places is, which is a very influential place to be found, and if each business owner understood how easy it is to build their credibility and be found online faster than other techniques, they start using Youtube immediately -- or at least that's what I pray they understand :-) As with everything online related to business, it's important [...]

Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Training 19 May 2015

by Teena Hughes
This week I have a couple of things which might help you in your projects: I'd like to share two websites with you where you can find images, audio/sound files, fonts and much more -- in exchange for your email name.  Read more >> Have you been asking for client testimonials? I hope so -- they are sooo important! Find out my 21 Tips for Video SEO on a Client Testimonial. Read more >>   I'd love to hear from you -- got any questions or want to share any tips, or breakthroughs? Feel free to write at any time [...]

Freebie images and sounds for creative folks

by Teena Hughes
Always looking for freebie images and sounds? I signed up for a free account some time back (a couple of years ago I think) and I often grab some great freebie images from 123RF. Recently they sent a link with some cool audio downloads (6 of them, I just grabbed them all) which I thought you might get some use out of. Go to: create a free account if you don't already have one scroll to the BOTTOM of the page to see this section (download whichever ones you like): For the freebie images, pop over to this page: [...]

On Page and Off Page SEO – what is that?

by Teena Hughes
in Tips
Search Engine Optimisation Have you been wondering about On Page and Off Page SEO? In this 2:39 minute video, you'll hear some explanations and some descriptions which might make this a bit less confusing. There is a lot of lot of info out there about SEO, and it can be so hard to understand! With just a few explanations it should all start to make sense, and you'll be able to see a few potential ways to help your business and your website. Transcript: Understanding SEO: On Page SEO vs. Off Page SEO As a small business owner, you [...]