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Should a brand new website appear in Google results?

by Teena Hughes
Should a brand new website appear in Google results? What have we done wrong? This is a great question posted this month by Judy, and I understand that very few business owners know what to do when they first publish their website, or when they think about marketing so here are a few simple suggestions: We have had our website and blog up for a little while, and I just followed a 5 day course to make sure the website was ready.  But I just went to Google to search, for fun I guess, and my name does not come [...]

50 Marketing Secrets Book FAQ

by Teena Hughes
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50 Marketing Secrets of Successful Women 2017: Book This is a book I've written which is filled with spectacular marketing tips from extraordinary women around the world! Thank you for buying my book and popping over here to read and maybe post a frequently asked question (FAQ). As the FAQs are posted, they will appear here on this page. To post your frequently asked question, please use this form: . Frequently Asked Questions and Answers .