Should a brand new website appear in Google results?

by Teena Hughes

Should a brand new website appear in Google results?

Should a brand new website appear in Google results? What have we done wrong?

This is a great question posted this month by Judy, and I understand that very few business owners know what to do when they first publish their website, or when they think about marketing so here are a few simple suggestions:

Left quote We have had our website and blog up for a little while, and I just followed a 5 day course to make sure the website was ready.  But I just went to Google to search, for fun I guess, and my name does not come up at all. If you type in the words in our domain name, the only thing that comes up is a country inn in the UK.

It does not find us at all, except for our Facebook page, which is our surname and the words Country Travel. We did all the things in the last video in the Course, that sent the information to Google that we exist. Do you think we did it wrong? Does anyone know what further step we might need to take?  Right quotes

When I started to think about “should a brand new website appear in Google results”, I jotted down these suggestions – I do hope they help:

Congratulations Judy! I just visited your site — it looks great!  I do have a couple of questions for you though, if you’re looking for some feedback:

  • have you thought of using the keyword phrase “travel adventure” instead of just “travel” throughout your site? That helps the search engines a lot when they decide on the type of website you are. In fact, if you can use a phrase with 3+ words as the ‘keyword phrase’ for a page or post, that’s much better.  I like to use at least 4-5 words as my “phrase” for each page or post, because there are now millions of other websites using 2 or 3 word phrases, so it’s hard to get ahead of the competition unless you have a really strong keyword phrase (4-5+ words) for each page or post.
  • in order to appear in lots of search engine results pages (SERPs) when anyone searches in Google, Bing etc, it’s a great idea to have LOTS of mentions of your website link/name and business name all over the internet, as well as letting Google know 🙂
  • to give you some ideas about how other websites get found (as well as all the fabulous suggestions in the Course), here are a few quick ideas from me:
    • How many Press Releases have you published online to announce your new business? These can be published weekly.
    • How many Pinterest images have your WEBSITE name (link) on both the image and in the Description, each one an idea for travel adventures?
    • How many other social media websites do you post on a couple of times a week with your link on an image and on the text/description?
    • How many places, websites, business directories etc have you published your details on?
    • How many videos have you published on Youtube and elsewhere which have your website link and business name *in* the video and in the text Description?

50 Marketing Secrets book by Teena HughesThese are just a few of the ideas which could get you started on your marketing for your business.

If you’d like to know more ways to market your business, you might like to check out my latest book, “50 Marketing Secrets from Successful Women in 2017”.  It’s now available on Amazon and Createspace.

I hope this answers the question, “Should a brand new website appear in Google results?”


Let me know if you have any questions — I’d love to help wherever possible!

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