How To Block Facebook From Sharing Your Privacy

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Learn How To Block Facebook and Secure Your Privacy!

Did you know that every App you’ve agreed to use on Facebook PLUS EVERY APP ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS USE track some or all of your movements, including personal data like your age, email name, relationship status, and much, much more?

Welcome to 2016!

It all seems quite innocent at first, you need to set up your social media marketing using a third party program, and luckily they have an App to manage that for you. During the sign up, you click Yes to Agree to the Terms and Conditions, but don’t have time to read them. We’re all busy, all the time, and don’t really want to think about the details we’re giving approval to be shared on Facebook.

Well, this might open your eyes a bit.

What I found today in my Facebook account was a bit scary in the 6 Apps I had, but there are probably others who are more active on Facebook, who’ve accepted the use of other Apps, who may have reason to be more scared than I was.

An example is Hootsuite — because I’d agreed to their T&C’s (Terms and Conditions) they had access to absolutely everything in Facebook.

If you have added social media Apps to Facebook, it could be because you wanted some of those accounts to auto-share messages like Tweets etc. Maybe you wanted your latest blog post to be auto-posted to Facebook and other sites? If this is the case, and you ‘uncheck’ all the settings mentioned above, you may get notifications from those social accounts saying something’s wrong. Fix the errors and only uncheck the settings in Facebook which you do not want the social account to have access to.

Double-check and Change Facebook Settings

Login to Facebook / Settings / Apps and check each App’s settings.

Save the changes.

Did these tips on How To Block Facebook help?

I hope so! Let me know, ok? Post a message below or come chat on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

Have fun and best of luck!

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