How can I get more Youtube views and subscribers?

by Teena Hughes

How can I get more Youtube views and subscribers

Do you want to get more Youtube views and subscribers?


I recently replied to a question online from David:

“I’ve been making videos for over a year for my real estate business, I upload them directly to Facebook and Youtube, and pump them out to my sphere of influence and the city the videos are for.

I’ve been getting more FB page likes which is great, but when you go to my YouTube channel they don’t get much action. Any advice on more YouTube views?”

My 7 tips for this great question:

Hey David, bravo on making videos — woohoo!

I had a look at your Youtube channel, and all I see is the exact same video thumbnails with lots of “updates” in the titles. When folks visit your Channel, this isn’t very exciting to look at, unfortunately — there is too much ‘sameness’.

I’d start by:

  1. writing a list of the top 10 (then 20, 30, 40) questions you’ve ever been asked about real estate
  2. when you’ve got a list of questions starting with How When Where Why etc, make a quick short video to answer ONE question per VIDEO
  3. add a great Call To Action (CTA), possibly like, “Got more questions? I’ve got more answers about real estate for you! Pop over to (the link for the website in large font);  allow at least 10 seconds on the CTA part of the video so the viewer has time to write down your link
  4. upload your own Thumbnail images:  make each QUESTION the TITLE and put it on the OVERLAY on the thumbnail, so when I look at all your videos, I can quickly see which QUESTION I want to know more about
  5. do all your video SEO as mentioned by others, and link all your videos together in a Youtube Playlist (or more, depending on categories, content)
  6. post those YT Question Videos all over the place, on your website, in your newsletter list, ask followers and clients for all THEIR questions and then answer them with more videos
  7. when you answer a ton of questions related to your niche, folks will watch more than one video, they will hopefully like what you’ve got to say, and will start to know, like and trust you — and then Subscribe, click, Like etc.

This is a great place to start, because a zillion people are typing QUESTIONS into search engines and Youtube, but not many folks are typing the phrase “real estate market update” 🙂

Do one a day and make sure to push them all over the internet.

Will these tips help you to get more Youtube views and subscribers?

I hope so! Let me know, ok?

Have fun and best of luck!

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