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Canva Cheat Sheet – How To Copy A Project – 014

by Teena Hughes
If you've been using Canva, you might have been wondering how to duplicate or copy a Project, or how to use some of the elements on other Projects. I tested a few different things, and came up with a short Cheat Sheet of what works for me. Yes, it does take a bit of practice to get it right, but when you do, there'll be no stopping you :-) In the PDF, I explain how to quickly and easily duplicate a Project you're already working on, or had already completed. This saves a ton of time if you want to [...]
Video Marketing Cheat Sheet and Tips

Video Marketing Cheat Sheet To Boost Your Online Credibility

by Teena Hughes
Question:  "Is there a Video Marketing Cheat Sheet?" Deanne was wondering how to kick-start her business online, and I suggested videos (the absolute fastest way!), which generally scares most people.  I created a PDF to share with her, and have listed the tips below as I think you might enjoy them too :-) This is how to use videos to get in front of as many EYES online as possible, by using clever video to inspire additional content-creation strategies. 10 x QUESTIONS Start by writing/typing 10 most frequently asked questions about your business, product or service. If this is easy, [...]

Youtube Channel Business Checklist 003

by Teena Hughes
  Need a Youtube Channel Business Checklist? When most business owners create a website, they understand that it's important to have several social media accounts so that they can be found in lots of places on the internet. One of those places is, which is a very influential place to be found, and if each business owner understood how easy it is to build their credibility and be found online faster than other techniques, they start using Youtube immediately -- or at least that's what I pray they understand :-) As with everything online related to business, it's important [...]

How to create a flyer for lead-building

by Teena Hughes
Use this tutorial to learn how to create a flyer for lead-building Getting leads for for your business, product or service are the most important thing you can do as a business owner. Follow my template below to make sure you include as many ways to get folks to sign up for your mailing list as possible. Once you have folkks on your list, you can contact them over and over to let them know about new products and services, and to provide tips etc to keep them interested.

The Power of Sending a Card – Checklist 004

by Teena Hughes
The Power of Sending a Card can have far-reaching effects on your business relationships When I first start in business, I sent cards with hand-written notes inside to thank people for their time after a meeting, and for many other reasons. Over the years when reconnecting with someone I haven't had much contact with recently, I've had folks tell me they STILL have my hand-painted card on their desk, or taped to their filing cabinet -- when I asked why they kept it, most people say, "It was such a lovely thought, I couldn't bear to part with it." Now [...]

Tips, Checklists, Cheat Sheets and Blueprints

by Teena Hughes
Welcome to my Tips, Checklists, Cheat Sheets and Blueprints I find it easy to learn new things by following step-by-step procedures so for many years I've created Tips, Cheat Sheets and Blueprints for clients. I hope one or more of these might be something which can help you too - enjoy! 27 November 2016 - This page is being updated - it'll be ready soon :-) Please note -- software and process can change over time, so only a few are available this week, with the rest currently being updated.  Make sure to find out when they're available by signing [...]