8 ways to optimize your local business videos

by Teena Hughes

8 ways to optimize your local business videos — here’s how!

Today’s video shares 8 simple ways improve the performance of your video marketing.

There are many more ways to do this, but these 8 might start you thinking about using one of more of these techniques today.  Simple steps like these can improve how well your videos perform — on your website, Youtube Channel, social media accounts and even other video distribution portals.

PS — a few people have asked me whether I create these videos myself, and the answer is “Yes!”. This video has been created by me animating an image (the guy in the suit), adding a male voiceover (I have a chap who records my male voices for me), and other animations (words flying in, images fading in and out). I use several different solutions to create the end result. If you need a video created, let’s talk!


Video Transcript:

Title:  8 ways to optimize your local business videos

Video marketing is a powerful medium to use to market your local business, especially if your products or services are best represented in an audio-visual manner.

For example, a landscaping business would find videos as the best way to show a garden makeover compared to using an article or report.

However video marketing should also be geared to please search engines so that your videos achieve higher search engine rankings. Here are 8 important ways to optimize your videos on a video sharing site and on your business website.

  1. Title: Use your business’s primary keyword in the title of your video. For example if your keyword is ‘plant roses’ then your title could read “How to Plant Roses in Spring”
  2. Description. Use your primary and secondary keyword in the description area. This is the area beneath your video where you describe what your video is all about and what you would like your viewers to do.
  3. Tags: Make sure to input your primary and secondary keywords in the tag box of every video.
  4. Comments: Encourage viewers to leave comments beneath your video. This spurs conversation and greater traffic to your video.
  5. Favorite: Encourage people to favorite your business video. They simply click on the favorite tab below the video.
  6. Traffic: Drive as many people to your video as possible from your website, emails, social media accounts, articles and other sites. This will drive up the number of views for your video and improve its rankings
  7. Like or thumbs up: Encourage people to leave a like or thumbs up for the video. They do this by clicking the thumbs up icon. This helps to rank your video for popularity.
  8. Links: Link to and from external sites using your primary keyword in the anchor text. This helps to build up your backlinks.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the video

Do you think you will be able to use at least one of these tips? I do hope so. Let me know how you get on, I’d love to hear from you.

PS — Have you tried something different from these 8 ways to optimize your local business videos? Would you like to share? It’d be great if your tips might help someone else too. Pop a note into the Comments below, send me an email, or pop over to the Facebook page if that’s where you prefer to hang out 🙂

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