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Happy Halloween 2016

by Teena Hughes
It's Happy Halloween! All Hallow's Eve! 31st October! https://vimeo.com/189618572 Here in Australia, more and more people are celebrating this date, even though it was never a part of my childhood. Amazing what watching so many US and Canadian TV shows can do for a country :-) In light of this, I've created a video -- I used a video background, an audio file, added them both to Screenflow for Mac (for video editing), and added some text to come flying in at different times. Here it is below: I think it worked out ok, what do you think? What do [...]

How To Block Facebook From Sharing Your Privacy

by Teena Hughes
in Blog
Learn How To Block Facebook and Secure Your Privacy! Did you know that every App you've agreed to use on Facebook PLUS EVERY APP ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS USE track some or all of your movements, including personal data like your age, email name, relationship status, and much, much more? Welcome to 2016! It all seems quite innocent at first, you need to set up your social media marketing using a third party program, and luckily they have an App to manage that for you. During the sign up, you click Yes to Agree to the Terms and Conditions, but [...]