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Quickest and Easiest MP3 Player for WordPress

by Teena Hughes
The Quickest and Easiest MP3 Player for Wordpress is a MYTH!     Or so it seemed -- I just spent about 4 hours trying to find the simplest audio player for a client's Wordpress website. I read all the blog posts with titles like "The Top 10 (or 5 or 7 etc) Audio Players!". I installed five different players and tried the pre-installed audio solution (which used 100% of the screen width -- and I can't help but wonder WHY???). I tested each of them, tried the shortcodes, added the options, tested them out ... and sat here with [...]

Video Tip 001 Create an Intro with Screenflow for Mac

by Teena Hughes   Video Tip 001 In today's video I'll give you an overview on creating an Intro using Screenflow for Mac. There are many ways to make Intros, lots of different software can be used, even Powerpoint for Windows, Keynote for Mac, and Google Docs Presentations. Once the intro has been designed, it needs to be exported as a video and added into the video editing process. Are you wondering what an "intro" is? That's OK, you're not alone. An INTRO is a tiny little introduction which is added to the start of a longer video, and generally introduces the [...]

March 2016 Tips, Tricks, Training & Techniques

by Teena Hughes
Bonjour! Buongiorno! Hola! Hi! It's time for March 2016 tips already - yikes! the days are flying by! Today I have a couple of things to share with you I thought I might start a Podcast -- and I'd love your thoughts on this -- is this something you'd be interested in? Short little "radio show" maybe 3 minutes long? This first Podcast is of me answering 3 client questions, so it's a bit longer, but I just wanted to give you enough to listen to get some feedback: Podcast 001 Questions and Answers - 3 Clients have some curly [...]

Video Training and Book – 50 Quick and Easy Website Tips

by Teena Hughes
About 18 months ago I published a Kindle book called "50 Quick and Easy Website Tips", and I received emails from quite a few people saying how much they enjoyed it. Since that time I've also been receiving emails about wishing it was video training and book (printed), as there are those among us who still prefer to feel the paper of a book,  enjoy holding the words in our hands and those who would like to learn by watching videos. So I've done it! My new Video Training and Book! After a bit of tweaking and updating, I'm thrilled [...]