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What is social video marketing?

by Teena Hughes

Today’s video is an introduction to Social Video Marketing – I hope you enjoy it. Click the PLAY button (the triangle under the video) to get started:

How do I use video marketing to boost traffic to my new business directory?

by Teena Hughes
in Blog
One of the questions I've been asked a few times is about getting traffic for a Business Directory, but my answer is relevant to everyone with a website, so today I want to share some of my secrets with you :-) "How do I use video marketing to boost traffic?" Whether you have a business directory website, or any other website, using video marketing is the quickest, most effective way to capture the attention of potential customers and clients. https://vimeo.com/130051769 I'm outlining some steps to take as I want to share a few tips to help out those folks who [...]

Youtube Channel Business Checklist 003

by Teena Hughes
  Need a Youtube Channel Business Checklist? When most business owners create a website, they understand that it's important to have several social media accounts so that they can be found in lots of places on the internet. One of those places is Youtube.com, which is a very influential place to be found, and if each business owner understood how easy it is to build their credibility and be found online faster than other techniques, they start using Youtube immediately -- or at least that's what I pray they understand :-) As with everything online related to business, it's important [...]