10 Step Video Marketing Blueprint for Testimonials

by Teena Hughes

I recently read a post in a Facebook business group from Olivia, a business woman who was struggling with the lack of clients, and I decided to share my 10 Step Video Marketing Blueprint for Testimonials.

Her business had been slowly growing and she’d had some fabulous clients already, but now she was not getting clients as quickly as she would have liked; last month she had started using her savings to get through the month, which made her feel very uncomfortable. This had made her start to panic and she was finding it hard to know what do first to get money rolling in as quickly as possible, as the negative thoughts were starting to crowd into her mind.

Olivia’s question was asking if anyone had any suggestions for her to do something which might work FAST — and her budget was zero, so here’s one of my sure-fire ways to start feeling positive again by taking a positive action towards helping your business.

Here’s my 10 Step Video Marketing Blueprint for Testimonials

10 Step Video Marketing Blueprint

These quick steps should make any business owner feel better AND boost their business in a very positive way.

Cost to perform these 10 Steps = ZERO. 

  1. Gather a list of all your happy client Testimonials (emails, letters, voicemails, videos etc)
    • make sure your clients are happy for you to use their Testimonial in your marketing efforts online and offline, and if you haven’t asked, send them each an email so you can get their approval (and file those approvals).
    • Ask whether they’d like their first and last name used, and their business name (decide whether you would like to also use their website link).
  2. Create a Happy Client Testimonials page on Pinterest.com and turn each Testimonial into a great image on Canva.com (make sure to add your website link ON the photo, in case it gets shared!), then upload all the image Testimonials.
  3. Turn each Testimonial into a quick selfie video using you talking (and reading them out) or if you don’t want your face on the video, use slideshows, photos and text (with a great Call To Action at the end)
  4. Post all the videos on your business Youtube Channel.
  5. Create a blog post for each Testimonial:
    • post the video at the top of the post
    • then write a quick blurb about why you enjoyed working with that particular client
    • now add the image (you’ve already created)
    • publish the post
  6. After creating all the new video posts, copy each blog post LINK and post it with the matching image on Pinterest (so folks will click back to your site)
  7. Next, post the same link on the corresponding video you’ve already uploaded to your Youtube Channel — put it at the top of the Description.
  8. When you’ve updated all the videos with their new blog post LINKS, create a Play List on Youtube to include each of these new videos — name it something like Happy Client Testimonials – using these words will help potential clients quickly find great words, videos and images about your experience with previous clients.
  9. Create one more blog post called “Happy Client Testimonials” (or whichever words you’ve already been using). Write a short intro, then make a list of all the Testimonial blog page links you’ve just created. This will become the link you ADD to the Menu of your website.
  10. When you’ve done all of that, contact each client and send them the link to the blog post where you wrote lovely stuff about them — tell them it was a wonderful experience to work with them, and that you’re more than happy for them to share the link if they’d like to. They’ll probably be thrilled about what you’ve written, and will quickly share your link on their own social media channels — which is a great thing to have happen!
  11. PS — this works in many other ways, and not just Testimonials 🙂 Use this technique to review your own products and services, to answer questions about your business, to share information of any kind which potential clients might be searching for — think outside the box!

Show Clients How Much You Care

This 10 Step Video Marketing Blueprint for Testimonials will create a warm and fuzzy feeling about the great clients you’ve helped, and remind you that you do great work for lovely people.

It will keep you focusing on the GOOD (rather than the negative) and will only take you a couple of days. This activity will help you feel better, and will help your business.

Let me know how you get on — this has worked for other clients I’ve had, and can bring about change once folks start sharing the links to your blog posts.

Now — go get busy 🙂  Or if you need more steps, more information, I am almost finished creating a Training Course on this technique — would you be interested? Please send me a message and let me know.

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PS — Did this 10 Step Video Marketing Blueprint help you?

Or do you have other suggestions? I’d love to hear from you — post in the Comments below, email me, or post a message on the Facebook page — many thanks in advance!


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